I’m Raj!

I have completed my Engineering degree in a reputed college and have 4+ of experience in IT field.
I always had great interest in web designing and writing content.
IT field being very hectic, I choose to do something that keeps me satisfying.
So I quit IT and now I am helping a few educational institutes to design their websites & Landing Pages.


Two things that never brings boredom to people in spite of its repetitiveness are – MOVIES and FOOD.

I always had a fascination on Movies and I visualize different comical angles in a movie which are not commonly noticed.
So one day, I decided to put my content writing skills in a blog where people can read about various humorous aspects in movies.

And most of the content for my humor are served on a plate by people I love, while I am serving them delicious food on their plates.
Why should only my folks have all the fun!!! So I wanted to share both my humor and recipes to everyone.

Here I am, the ENTHUSIAST who wears humor as a beanie to entertain people.